three digital sketches : 

These digital works were shot on cheap dslr cameras, and made while living within and around the communities each film explores. Due to the informality and to the digital rougness of each documentary, in retrospect, each feels more like a loose and intimate sketch, or an open notebook.

1. on a hill called the holy (2016)      
filmed over the course of a summer in a remote Orthodox monestary on Mount Athos, this short explores the daily life of the monks’ and their pursuit of God

2. cachero // taxi boy (2018)

cachero is a colloquial term for the male sex workers that work in around the many parks in Ecuador's capital of Quito. It's loosely translated as 'taxi boy', a name given to this class of sex worker, as they are constantly getting in and out of clients’ taxis. In this quiet short, we follow David, a long time sex worker and activist, as he travels through the city to the park where he often meets his clients.

3. Weaving White Cloth (2019)

This short explores the ancient craft of backstrap weaving as typically done in the indigenous communities in and around the southern city of Cañar. The film follows Francisco Zaruma and his wife, Rosa Zaruma, as they guide us step by step through the process of weaving a simple band of white cloth. Intercut between these instructions are day to day scenes of life around their village.